weirdsora (weirdsora) wrote in takayama_love,

Tough Time [Drabble]

Title: Tough Time
Author: weirdsora
Subject: TakaYama, HikaTo, YabuTaro
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Friendship
Note: My 2nd birthday drabble for Yamacahan. My TakaYama heart is so alive and kicking right now, sankyuu ASIAN TOUR! and you guys better better order the TakaYama uchiwa, so freaking H-O-T!!
this is the first pic Yamada drabble that I've made Little Complicated Things called Jealousy

prettyK: @origamiHair goddamn bashers!!


Credits to the owners of the pics, the translations and such but the story is mine.
For the real thing, here's a fan report. JUMP ASIAN TOUR CONCERT MAY 9, 2012
Tags: fanfiction: drabble
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