vamps0addict0 (vamps0addict0) wrote in takayama_love,

[One shot]My Tsundere Prince

Title: My Tsundere Prince

Pairing: Takayama

Rate: NC-17

Summary:  He’s the normal teenager who wants to show his rebellion toward his family member or someone who’s older than him but there’s only one problem, Takaki Yuya, his neighbor who was with him since he was born. Takaki Yuya always plays a prank on and this annoying him very much.  He doesn’t know why the elder always try to get his attention which doesn’t work at all, he hates TAKAKI YUYA!!!

And when she walked passed me, she then stopped and…” The little chubby boy, Yamada Ryosuke was exaggerating his attractiveness over girls when someone cut off his sentence.

Tags: fanfiction: one-shot
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